Camper Communication

Parent-Camper Communication

Campers love to hear from home! Families love to hear from campers! Family Connection connects that link.


There’s nothing quite like a physical letter from home. If you want, save on postage (while ensuring timely delivery) by pre-writing your letters and bringing them to check-in. Don’t forget to address your letters!

Camp Little Cloud
Camper Name, Session Name
PO Box 220
Peosta, IA 52068


We will print and deliver one email message per day per camper. Messages must be plain text and be in the body of the email (attachments will not be opened or printed). Emails received after 10 a.m. will be delivered the next day.

Send your emails to with Subject Line: Camp Session, Camper Name

Guidelines for Writing to Your Camper

Be positive and encouraging!

Don’t tell her:

  • About everything you are doing without her.
  • Trips or fun things she’s missing out on.
  • That her baby sister cried herself to sleep because she didn’t read her a bedtime story.
  • How much you miss her.
  • That she can call you anytime and you will pick her up if she is homesick.
  • About an ill relative or hurt animal.

Do tell her:

  • You know she’s having a good time.
  • You can’t wait to hear all about her new friends, the fun activities she’s doing, to see her art projects or to learn all of the new songs she’s singing.
  • That you hope she’s writing down songs, names of new friends and taking lots of pictures.