Fall Sale Program 2014 Recognitions

Girls can receive recognitions for each different part of the sale. All recognitions are cumulative.


Product Line

2 Magazine/Photo Keepsake Orders
“Dive in!” patch

dive-in patch

4 Magazine/Photo Keepsake Orders
Mini Diary & Super Seller Magazine Patch

MiniDiary mag-super-seller patch

6 Magazine/Photo Keepsake Orders
6 pc. Elastic Headband OR Swivel Spork

HeadbandSet SwiveSpork

8 Magazine/Photo Keepsake Orders
Hair Chalk/Glitter Stick


10 Magazine/Photo Keepsake Orders

Med. Sea Otter Plush OR
Twistable Bracelet Kit

LargeStuffedOtter TwistableBraceletsBox

12 Magazine/Photo Keepsake Orders

Fashion Planner OR $10 Candy Cash

FashionPlanner Candy Cash

15 Magazine/Photo Keepsake Orders

Skin It Certificate OR Knit Beanie Kit

Skin-It KnitBeanieKit

Combined Sales Recognitions

10 Combined Orders

“Be Active!” patch

 be-active patch

15 Combined Orders

Happy Charmz Pencil with Charmz AND 2014-15 patch

 HappyCharmPencil be-active patch

25 Combined Orders

6 pc. Elastic Headband set OR Swivel Spork

 HeadbandSet be-active patch

30 Combined Orders

Super Seller patch AND $5 Candy Cash

 mag-super-seller patch Candy Cash

35 Combined Orders

Water Tite Beach Box AND Goal Achiever patch

 WaterTiteBeachBox goal-achiever patch

40 Combined Orders

Hair Chalk/Glitter Stick OR Twistable Bracelet Kit

 HairChalkGlitter TwistableBraceletsBox

50 Combined Orders
Medium Sea Otter Plush OR Rainbow Zipper “Ruck Sack”

 SmallStuffedOtter RainbowZipperRuckSack

60 Combined Orders

Fashion Planner OR Recordable Scrapbook (Book Certificate)

 FashionPlanner Book-Certificate-Front

85 Combined Orders

Skin It Certificate OR Knit Beanie Kit

 Skin-It KnitBeanieKit

100 Combined Orders
Large Sea Otter Plush AND “100 Club” patch

 LargeStuffedOtter 100-club patch

135 Combined Orders

Water Bottle & Soccer Ball Set OR 90 Piece Stationary Station

 Water-Bottle-Soccer-Ball StationarySetContent