Bronze Award

Bronze award

The Girl Scout Bronze Award

The Girl Scout Bronze Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior (grades 4-5) can earn, requires a girl to learn leadership and planning skills through completing a Girl Scout Journey for Juniors. Participants then take action on a 20-hour project that focuses on something that the girls care about and would like to improve within their Girl Scout or local community. Working towards this award demonstrates her commitment to helping others, improving her community and the world and becoming the best she can be.


  • Girls must be in grades 4-5 (or equivalent) and be a registered Girl Scout Junior¬†AND
  • Complete a Junior Journey

It is highly recommended that all girls, volunteers and parents who are interested in the Bronze Award attend a Take Action: Bronze and Silver Awards workshop in your area. Visit our calendar of events.

The following steps are required for each girl to earn her Girl Scout Bronze Award:

  1. Go on a Girl Scout Junior Journey
  2. Build Your Girl Scout Junior Team
  3. Explore Your Community
  4. Choose Your Girl Scout Bronze Award Project
  5. Make a Plan
  6. Put Your Plan in Motion
  7. Spread the Word
  8. Submit Final Report
  9. Celebrate!

Please note: There is no limitation to the number of girls that can work together on a Bronze Award project, but each girl must spend 20 hours working on the project.

Download these packets for all you need to know to complete the Girl Scout Bronze Award:

Please Note: Girls can also find a helpful planner in the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting for Juniors, but they still need to download the packet above for the required paperwork needed in order to be recognized by Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois.