Gold Award


Girl Scout Gold Award

The Girl Scout Gold Award marks the highest achievement in Girl Scouting; it recognizes girls in grades 9-12 who demonstrate extraordinary leadership through sustainable and measurable Take Action projects. Since 1916, girls have successfully answered the call to Go Gold, an act that indelibly marks them as accomplished members of their communities and their world. Prerequisites:

  • Girls must be in grades 9-12 (or equivalent) and a registered Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador AND
  • Complete two Journeys (Senior or Ambassador) OR
  • Earn the Silver Award and complete one Senior or Ambassador Journey

Please note: The Gold Award project must be done by an individual girl.  The girl must spend 80 hours working on her project. It is highly recommended that all girls, volunteers and parents who are interested in the Gold Award attend a Go Gold workshop in your area. Visit our calendar of events. The following steps are required for each girl to earn her Girl Scout Gold Award:

  1. Complete Gold Award prerequisites: Complete 2 Senior or Ambassador Journeys, or earn the Silver Award and complete one Senior or Ambassador Journey
  2. Choose an Issue
  3. Investigate
  4. Get Help
  5. Create a Plan
  6. Present Your Plan and Get Feedback
    1. Submit Gold Award Proposal to council for approval
    2. Present Proposal to High Award Committee
    3. Receive feedback/approval
  7. Take Action
  8. Educate and inspire
  9. Submit Final Report to council for approval
  10. Celebrate!

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Every Gold Award recipient is eligible to apply for scholarships!