Fall Product Sale


Fall Product Sale Program

The Fall Sale Program is a great way for troops to earn money to help support troop activities, purchase supplies and materials and participate in Girl Scout events. We are proud to offer troops 25 percent profit on all sales they make — one of the highest percentages offered by any Girl Scout council in the country!

The sale offers high-quality nuts and chocolates from Ashdon Farms and magazines from QSP. Information for the 2014 Fall Product Sale is coming soon!

This video was produced by another Girl Scout council. Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois do not use Address Booklets or offer a Kindle as a recognition item.

The Fall Sale Program is an important learning opportunity: Girls learn five basic skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

Goal Setting: Girls set goals individually and as a team. Then they create a plan to reach them. They develop cooperation and team building skills along the way.

Decision Making: Girls help decide how the team will spend their troop proceeds, furthering critical thinking and problem solving skills that will help in many aspects of life.

Money Management: Girls take orders, handle customers’ money and gain valuable and practical life skills around financial literacy.

People Skills: Girls learn how to talk to, listen to and work with all kinds of people while participating in the Fall Sale Program. These experiences help them to develop healthy relationship and conflict resolution skills they can use throughout their lives.

Business Ethics: Girls are honest and responsible at every step of the Fall Sale Program. Their business ethics reinforce the positive values they are developing as Girl Scouts.

Project Thank You

Project Thank You is a council-sponsored service project benefiting military troops from eastern Iowa and western Illinois. Girls Scouts will offer its customers the option to purchase nuts, candy or magazine vouchers for $6 each to be donated for distribution to our military troops and veterans.