Fall Sale Program 2013 Recognitions

Girls can receive recognitions for each different part of the sale. All recognitions are cumulative.

Magazine Only Recognitions

2 Magazine Orders: Grow patch

4 Magazine Orders:  Collapsible Water Bottle

6 Magazine Orders:  Tapefitti Set OR Stickerzine Album

8 Magazine Orders:  Magazine Super Seller patch

10 Magazine Orders:  Medium Bee Plush OR Fancy Nail Kit

15 Magazine Orders:  Glitter Tattoo Kit OR Beaded Bracelet Kit

Nuts/Candy and Magazines Combined Recognitions

10 Combined Orders: Be Your Best You patch

15 Combined Orders:  Eraser Toppers and 2013-2014 patch

25 Combined Orders:  Tapefitti Set or Stickerzine Album

30 Combined Orders: Believe Necklace and Goal Achiever patch

35 Combined Orders: Super Seller patch

40 Combined Orders: Color Me Pencil Pouch or Fancy Nail Kit

50 Combined Orders: Medium Bee Plush or T-shirt Design Kit

60 Combined Orders: 300 pc. Paper Doll Book or Theme Bag

85 Combined Orders: Glitter Tattoo Kit or Beaded Bracelet Kit

100 Combined Orders: Large Bee Plush and100 Club patch

125 Combined Orders: Paillette Lamp orMini Locker