Individually Registered Girl Scouts

Girls may join Girl Scouting as Juliettes. Girls who want to be members of Girl Scouting but are unable to participate in troop or group activities can register as an individual member known as Juliettes in Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. We provide these girls with many opportunities to participate in council-sponsored activities.

Being a Juliette comes with no requirements other than Girl Scout membership.

Although individually registered girls ages 5-17 can become Juliettes, the distinction is especially popular among girls ages 11-17. Tweens and teens have asked for flexibility in their Girl Scout experiences. Being a Juliette provides lots of options that can be matched more closely to a girl’s time and interests.

Some of today’s girls register as individuals because they were Girl Scouts as younger girls and are now looking for a new way to stay connected while not making a year-long commitment to a troop. Some girls may be looking for ways of mixing and matching their special interests with Girl Scout participation – for example they take part in weekend workshops, special events, leadership projects or trips that improve their skills and meet their needs. Some girls may live in an area where there are few or no other registered girls.

Check out the most recent edition of the Juliette Journal, a monthly newsletter just for Juliettes! You can also view past issues.

Questions and Answers about Juliettes

Q. How can individually registered girls participate in Girl Scouting?
A. Some areas implement special Juliettes-only events. Juliettes may join service unit and council-wide events, attend day and resident camps, sell Girl Scout cookies, and participate in trips with troops or attend events with friends of their choice.

Q. Can Juliettes work on Journeys and badges and earn awards?
A. As a Juliette, you are eligible to participate in all the opportunities available to girls in troops. Sometimes you may just go about doing the activities a little differently. For support on earning the Journeys, the supporting skill builders or any other Girl Scout award, contact your local Leadership Experience Manager.

Q. Do individually registered girls participate in community service activities?
A. Yes. Juliettes want to be advocates for good causes, and if they choose they may participate in council-sponsored community service projects or other service project in their area. Girl Scouting is about girls participating in activities they enjoy doing. When individually registered girls choose to work on badges and other awards, these girls will complete community service-oriented work as required.

Q. How do Juliettes find out about events?
A. Juliettes receive all council publications, and can access our online events calendar.

Q. How do Juliettes sign up for events?
A. Visit our online calendar. You may decide you want to participate with a bunch of your Juliette friends, a troop, or you can just grab your favorite adult and go.

Q. Can Juliettes wear a uniform?
A. Yes! Juliette Girl Scouts may choose to purchase uniform pieces appropriate for her Girl Scout level or select cool Girl Scout T-shirts. Visit our shops to learn more.

Q. Can Juliettes sell Girl Scout Cookies?
A. Yes! Juliettes receive their cookie materials, training and recognitions from their service unit cookie manager or service unit Juliette coordinator.