Girl Membership

Are you interested in learning a sport, sampling the arts, preparing for a career, or rafting down a river? Do you dream of publishing stories online, traveling to exotic locales, or speaking on behalf of girls in Washington, D.C.? In Girl Scouting, you can do it all! Girls ages 5-17 can join. It’s never too late to join in the fun.

A girl has many options on how to participate as a Girl Scout. She can choose one or all of the following pathways:

  • Troop: Series of program activities with the same group of girls; typically spans the length of an academic year.
  • Camps: Participate in day and resident camps focusing on outdoor experiences and environmental education or a wide variety of themed camps.
  • Series: Got a passion? Participate in a series of programs on a specific theme with the same group of girls over a short time commitment, up to six weeks.
  • Events: Participate in local and council-wide events.
    Special Interest: A series of programs with the same group relating to a specific theme or purpose.
  • Travel: Known as Girl Scout destinations with five categories: international, outdoors, science, people, and getaways. Trips are hosted by councils, GSUSA, and organizations, such as Outward Bound.
  • Virtual: Girls participate in interactive, high-quality program activities in a safe, secure, online environment supplemented by live events.

Adult Membership

Adults 18 years of age or older can join Girl Scouts to speak at a Girl Scout event, volunteer in a troop or group, offer services at the council level, reconnect as an alumnae, or simply because you believe in the Girl Scout mission and want to show support by becoming a member.

All Girl and Adult Members:

Share the Girl Scout Promise and Law
Follow safety guidelines
Pay the annual membership fee of $15, renewable each October 1. Grants are available. Lifetime membership dues are $156 for graduating seniors and $300 for adults.

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