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Tree Conservation

In 2014, tree harvesting is happening at Camp Conestoga as part of the conservation efforts by GSEIWI to keep our property healthy. The Conestoga site manager, with the approval from the property committee, did an evaluation of the New Liberty property and determined that harvesting approximately 100-150 trees spread throughout the 340-acre property, would not only help with the environmental health of the camp, but would also support our Girl Scout Leadership Program.

As part of the evaluation, it was determined that some of the trees on the property should be removed due to being damaged or hallowed out and if they fell, would damage other healthy trees. Some of the trees had already hit their full maturity and if removed, would allow for other young trees to grow and mature. Of the trees that hit their maturity, if harvested before they fell or died, GSEIWI would be able to use the revenue from them instead of having to deal with fallen trees that have little or no value.

To continue the conservation efforts of GSEIWI, the site manager is looking to replant 2-4 seedling trees for every tree that was harvested from the property. Tree harvesting will be researched at each GSEIWI property in the future to determine if it is beneficial for the health of the property, as well as for the Girl Scout Leadership Program.

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