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You will be kept up to date as we learn new information and plans begin to unfold.

Proposed New Liberty Property Map

With volunteer input collected so far, below is a draft of a map of how the New Liberty property could be developed. We’d love to hear your suggestions! Please email with your feedback on the layout of the GSEIWI resident camp property.

new liberty map - revised Jan 2014

Renderings of Proposed Lodge

We are very excited to share artist renderings of what the proposed camp lodge could look like! Click here to see a front view of the lodge as you enter the lodge area. Click here to see the back side of the lodge that overlooks a wooden ravine area of camp.

If the needed funding is raised, construction on the lodge will begin Fall of 2014 and be completed May of 2015.

Blueprint of Proposed Lodge

Click here to see a detailed blueprint of the proposed lodge. We were very excited to share the proposed plan at our Town Hall meetings, at Journey the World, and with groups who are dedicated to seeing the lodge built.

Because of insightful feedback from volunteers and girls, the plan has already been re-developed a few times to make sure it meets the needs of those who will use it. Here are a few examples of changes that were implemented from feedback:  added fire pits outside each bunk unit, developed an area dedicated for flag ceremonies, added plumbing in the storm shelter and a fireplace in the dining room. If you have suggestions or feedback regarding the proposed lodge, please send them to


A timeline has been developed to keep our members informed on the work that is being done to develop and utilize our four camp properties.  Click here to see the timeline approved by our board of directors.

Camp Conestoga Availability

Camp Conestoga will not close this spring or early summer as originally proposed. Camp Conestoga is available to membership for outdoor program and camping. Camp Conestoga will not have resident camp or equestrian programs. Not all sites and program areas will be available, but most of the facility will still  be usable.  To reserve the site, please contact Mahlon at 563-320-6837 or email

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Click here for the approved property recommendation.