Five Focus Areas

Five Focus Areas


Today’s Girl Scouts are tomorrow’s leaders. Through activities that build self-confidence, creative decision-making skills, and teamwork, girls develop real-world leadership abilities that will last them a lifetime. By working towards such earned age-level awards, girls can interview female leaders, set goals, and learn to trust themselves in any situation.

Financial Literacy

Our Financial Literacy program helps girls set financial goals and gain the confidence they need to ultimately take control of their own financial future. By developing money management skills early in life, girls learn how to increase their income, become responsible consumers, create a budget, build and manage credit, and save and invest for whatever’s next.

Healthy Living

The Healthy Living initiative helps girls develop the knowledge and skills necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle by using educational, fun and interactive activities. Findings suggest that today’s girls are defining “health” on their own terms, placing the same value on emotional well-being and self-esteem as they do on diet and exercise. For girls, being healthy is more than just eating right and exercising; it is also about feeling good and being supported by family and peers. For this reason, many of our healthy living programs address the well-being of the entire girl with activities focusing on self-esteem, physical fitness, nutrition and relational aggression.


Girls learn about endangered wildlife, developing creative recycling projects, and work towards earned age-level awards on care, conservation, and responsibility to ensure the safety of our planet for future generations. Forever Green community action projects are designed and led by girls to bring about lasting and sustainable environmental issues.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

The STEM initiative provides girls with an opportunity to learn about science, technology, engineering and math in a hands-on way. From the alarm clock that wakes us up in the morning, to the barcode scanner at the local grocery store, to the medication we take when we get sick, we rely on science, technology, engineering and math in our daily lives. Girl Scouts empowers girls to teach them the importance of science, technology, engineering and math.