Adult Learning

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Adult Learning

Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois is committed to helping you succeed in your volunteer position. Our adult learning courses are convenient, easy to use and loaded with information.

We provide quality courses both online and in a group setting to best serve the needs of our volunteers. Here is the 2013-2014 adult learning training schedule.  Please note: some trainings are required for leaders and for specific types of activities.

NOTE: Download speed depends on your internet provider. Various internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc) work differently with our courses. If you experience trouble, contact

  • Troop: All three required courses for new leaders are located here.  They are Girl Scouting 101, Getting Started 201 and Leadership Essentials 301.
  • Volunteering for Series or Events: Learn about the Girl Scout organization specific to volunteers who work with series or individual events.
  • Travel: Information on the training you need for traveling with girls. Includes Overnight/Troop Readiness, Extended Travel and International Extended Travel.
  • Outdoor Activities: Planning to take girls on an outdoor adventure?  It may require additional learning courses. Includes information on Overnight/Troop Readiness, Camp Skills, Specialized Activities and Outdoor Refresher.
  • Tell Me How/Troop Enrichment: Learn about subjects that include a little more detail than general learning sessions.
  • Service Unit: Check out the service unit positions that require training and how to acquire these sessions.
  • Webinars: One hour webinars covering topics helpful for all volunteers.

Questions? Email or call 800-798-0833.