Outdoor Activities


Outdoor Activities Leadership Series

Get out! Exploring our outdoor world provides girls and adults the opportunity to grow and be challenged in new and exciting ways.

Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois offers the following outdoor activity trainings:

Overnight/Troop Readiness

Want to leave the meeting space and/or stay overnight in an enclosed structure with running water, heat, toilets, lights, kitchen facilities and phone cell coverage?

This course is required and includes information on going beyond the meeting place, longer field trips, and overnight experiences with emphasis on using camp lodges. It teaches adults to lead girls on new adventures. Go step-by-step through the thinking and planning involved in short field trips, daytime outdoor activities and indoor overnights.

Prerequisite: Girl Scouting 101

This course can be taken online (approximately 55 minutes, can stop and restart), in a group setting, or as a homestudy.

Camp Skills

Want to take girls camping at an established site that is missing one or more of the above amenities? This course is required and gives adult the skills and resources to help girls plan an outdoor program. It includes fire building, cooking safety, planning and progression.

Prerequisite: Girl Scouting 101 and Overnight / Troop Readiness.

This course is available in a group setting.

Specialized Activity Courses

Want to be a trained facilitator for our specialized outdoor activities? Available courses include archery, canoeing, challenge course, horseback trail leader and zip line.

These courses are available in a group setting. Please contact Adult Learning for more information.

Outdoor Refresher Course

Are you an adult with extensive camping experience with youth from another organization, or do you have previous camp courses but have not been camping for more than three years? This course covers basic skills, safety management and procedures for outdoor program and camping overnights.

This course is available upon request.

Questions? Email AdultLearning@GirlScoutsToday.org or call 800-798-0833.