Service Team Training

Service Unit Leadership Series

Service units are the link between council staff and our front-line volunteers. We rely on seasoned service team members to be an important point-of-contact for our leaders.

Service Unit Director

This course will give you the tools to be a successful service unit director, from building a team, running a meeting, to planning for the year. To schedule a training, contact your regional membership manager.

Leader Mentor Training

This course will give you the skills and resources to help a new volunteer walk through the very first year as a Girl Scout leader. To schedule a training, contact Kim Hull at  or call 800-798-0833 and ask for Kim Hull.

Recognition Coordinator

This course covers the Girl Scouts of the USA recognitions, local recognitions and how to thank all leaders in your service unit. To schedule a training, Deb Boyd at or call 800-798-0833

Adult Learning Coordinator

Volunteer Position Description Adult Learning Coordinator


Training Packet

Event Coordinator

Learn how to put on a service unit event. This course includes information on finding an idea, focusing on a specific grade level, determining event fees that will cover your expenses, and a check list of tasks as the event date draws near. To schedule a training, contact your leadership experience manager.

School Organizer

Learn how a school organizer works: building relationships with school administrators, organizing recruitments, and working with leaders in your school to give ongoing support. To schedule a training, contact your regional membership manager.

Community Information Coordinator

Get the word out about all of the exciting and engaging experiences Girl Scouts offers girls in your area. Learn a little bit about social media, branding, news releases and host of other resources available to service units and troops. To schedule a training, contact Shelly Wells Cain at or call 800-798-0833.