Troop Leadership Series

Troop leaders are one of our most valuable resources. They are the women and men who directly reach girls as they discover, connect and take action.

All leaders must take the following courses: Girl Scouting 101, Getting Started 201 and Leadership Essentials 301. Girl Scouting 101 and Getting Started 201 must be completed before working with the troop.

Girl Scouting 101

This course is designed to convey the vision, values and goals of Girl Scouts. It is offered online only, through Girl Scouts of the USA. Take this course.

Getting Started 201

This course is required before working with girls. It is designed to help get your troop started, with information about planning meetings, involving families, safety issues and forms. It can be taken online and in-person.

Leadership Essentials 301

Leadership Essentials equips leaders with information on how to lead using all of the national portfolio resources – Journeys, Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting and Skill-Building Badges. It covers leadership and management skills, plus grade-appropriate program information.

This course is required for all new leaders and must be taken within two months of being approved as a leader. Prerequisites: Girl Scouting 101 and Getting Started 201. It can be taken in-person or online (available for all grade levels: Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors).

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