Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois offers a library of online resources for volunteers, parents and community members. This library provides support in building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.

Here are links to the first resources you will be using:

  • Volunteer Essentials: A reference book for all topics relating to GSEIWI including who we are, the GS program, GSEIWI policies and procedures, troop information, safety info, travel, camp, events information and more.
  • Safety Activity Checkpoints: Information on the where, how and what of a specific activity a troop may engage in. A must read and follow to keep girls safe.
  • Leadership Experience Guide:  The go to booklet for program events throughout the council. Published every year.
  • Forms: This link will provide you with a listing of GSEIWI forms in alphabetical order.
  • Families Make it Happen: A great form to give to all parents when they join a troop to capture their skills to be able to share with the girls.  On the back is Troop Team Connection with a listing of ways parents can help with the running of the troop as a leader, product manager, transportation organizer, refreshment coordinator or other duties as listed.
  • Parent Guide: Help parents understand Girl Scouts and what joining means to them.

What Do Troop Volunteers Want: A Quick Start!

Girl Scouts has identified 10 Essential Elements for a fantastic troop experience. Volunteers can see what those are, plus get specific resources—including excerpts from the adult guides to Leadership Journeys— to execute each of the 10 Elements.

The 3 Processes

3 Processes=1 Powerful Program:  Simple guide to understanding Girl Led, Learning By Doing and Cooperative Learning. It is simply fun with purpose!

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