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Working with Journeys - Help for Leaders

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One of the best ways for girls to participate in Girl Scouts is through the Girl Scout National Leadership Journeys.  These powerful, fun and multidisciplinary experiences are the core of the Girl Scout National Program Portfolio.  The Girl Scout National Program Portfolio has two main parts:

  • Girl Scout National Leadership Journeys
  • The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting 

These pieces, along with the Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program, Girl Scout travel and Girl Scout High Awards, are designed to help girls develop as leaders and build confidence by learning new skills. In every Journey, everything girls do is aimed at giving them the benefits of the Three Keys to Leadership: Discover, Connect, Take Action.

Journey Tips and Tricks

Each grade-level has three different Journeys. Welcome to the Journeys will give you a snapshot of each Journey and how the program works.

Here are some more great resources:

  • Journey Maps plan your Girl Scout year plus offers tips on using the Journeys and The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting together!
  • Journey Flip Book gives you a quick peek in each of the books.
  • The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting is the companion piece to the Girl Scout National Leadership Journeys.
  • Fun With Purpose is a quick video about the Girl Scout processes (girl-led, learning by doing, and cooperative learning) and how to use them to create a fun and meaningful experience!

Choosing a Journey doesn’t have to be tough. Have Girl Scouts consult these for help:

Are you confused as to where to begin with a Girl Scout Journey? Here is a short video clip to help you learn about the Journeys and how to use them.

We offer suggested activities for every Journey on our Pinterest page! Check them out!