Working with Parents

Working with Parents

Communication is vital to engage parents. Clearly communicate all of the great things happening with your troop and specifically ask for help.

Learn how to hold a Parent Meeting at the beginning of the troop year.

Learn more about getting Parental Involvement  throughout the year.

Developing the Parent Partnership – a short guide to communicating clearly with parents.

Encourage families to fill out Families Make It Happen.

Give them the Parent Handbook.

If conflicts arise, Managing Adult Conflicts  can help.

Here are a few additional ideas:

  • Social Media

    Set up a Facebook group page for your troop.

  • Newsletter

    Make it short, make it sweet, and include photos of the girls. Include a prize catchphrase, and award a prize each meeting for one parent who knows the catchphrase.

  • Parent Table

    Set up a parent table at each meeting. Tell them it’s there. Place important information and paperwork on it.

Families Make It Happen

Parents can do many things to support your girl and her troop. Check out Families Make It Happen to see all of jobs, big and small, that go into making a great troop. Mark the ones that you can do to help make this a great Girl Scout experience for your girl.

Don’t want to do a job alone? Ask another parent to be a helper with you and do it as a team. Do you have a special talent you want to share with the troop but it doesn’t fit into one of the categories? Add your own in the blank at the bottom. Help us make it a great year!