Service Units


Service Units

A service unit is a team of volunteers working together in a geographic area providing support to troop leaders, implementing local events, recruiting and retaining girl and adult members and promoting the mission of Girl Scouts within their community. Service unit meetings are a great place to find support. These meetings are held monthly, and are for the Girl Scout leaders in the area. Volunteers will find:

  • Collaboration between leaders to make service unit events spectacular.
  • Support from other leaders who may have or may be experiencing similar situations.
  • Information on events and activities that are taking place locally and around the council.
  • Guidance from experienced leaders and the service unit director.
  • Training that is given on the service unit level on topics that leaders request.
  • Camaraderie that you share with other people involved first-hand in Girl Scouting.

Read our most recent edition of Team Connections, our monthly service unit newsletter. Read archived editions for 2013-14. A service unit team is composed of many volunteer positions. Read a synopsis of our position descriptions.

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