Recognition Coordinator

Recognition Coordinator

Recognition is one of the most powerful tools to retain volunteers. When volunteers know their time and energy are appreciated and know they are valuable assets to Girl Scouts, they commit themselves to the organization.

Recognition coordinators know the most meaningful recognition comes from peers, and find creative, fun ways  to say thank you to the volunteers in their area. Utilizing the Adult Recognitions in Girl Scouting Guide and a checklist, the recognition coordinator will derive satisfaction from providing volunteers with the recognition they deserve.

Want to be a recognition coordinator for your area?  Contact your regional membership manager.

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Adult Awards Committee

The adult awards committee reviews nominations and forwards them to the board of directors for approval. This group works directly with the volunteer leadership development department and is comprised of  adults throughout the council. Adults interested in serving on this committee should email the volunteer leadership development manager for more information, or call 800-798-0833.