Dear trainers, Welcome to the adult learning trainers webpage. It is a pleasure for me to work with such a great team of volunteers. This page will keep you updated on all that is going on in our department. It will be a quick reference for you when doing a session, checking out the outlines or needing an attendance form. Please let me know what might be missing, so it can be added.  And thank you for all that you do for Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. Sincerely, Claudia Reich, Senior Volunteer Leadership Experience Manager

GSLE Elevator Speech

We are a girl-led leadership program where girls discover who they are, connect with others and take action to make the world a better place. The 15 benefits of the new Girl Scout Leadership Experience


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Grab and Go’s

August Communicating with Parents Handout
September Meeting with Parents Handout
October Years of Service Handout
November Disability Awareness Handout
January Recognizing Volunteers Handout
February Girl Scout Week Handout
March Flag Ceremonies Handout


This spreadsheet is a listing of all the trainings/resources available on our website. It includes direct links to the document/video/in person learning.

Online PowerPoint Trainings

GSLE Extended Travel (use Internet Explorer for best experience) International Extended Travel  (under revision, coming soon) Parental Involvement  Troop Finance

Volunteer Essentials – 2014-2015

Volunteer Essentials

Girl Scouting 101 and Getting Started 201

First Six Meetings- It’s Your World, Change It!

First Six Meetings- It’s Your Planet, Love It!

Leadership Essentials 301


Outdoor Education

Enrichment Outlines

Short & Snappy Trainings

Service Unit Position Training

Adult Learning Coordinator

Juliette Coordinator

Leader Mentor

Mobile Marketer Information

Recognition Coordinator

School Organizer

Service Unit Director

Event Planner


Adult Learning Newsletter

Service Team Connections Newsletter

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This & That

Blank forms, training roster, and anything else we can think of!

Steps to Opening a Troop Bank Account

Select the clock icon in the Prezi and choose 4 secs.
Click the right arrow to begin.
Click here to stop the Prezi (and the music).

Tag-a-longs A tag-a-long is any child (sibling, friend, etc.) that does not meet the specific gender and/or grade level requirements for the trip/event.  Tag-a-longs detract from the needs and interests of girls participating in the Girl Scout program; therefore, tag-a-longs do not attend trip/events, unless a baby-sitting service is provided.

Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting

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