Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Ready to make a difference?

Be sure to check out VolunteerMatch.org for specific volunteer listings at Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. Below are descriptions of leadership positions available at the troop, service unit, regional and council levels.

Troop Leadership

Make a difference – be a Troop Leader/Co-Leader
Working with a team of troop committee volunteers and other leaders in a troop setting, you will guide and encourage girls to find – and become – leaders in their communities and the world. You have the opportunity to make an impact on girls that will last a lifetime, guiding them through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, created to encompass everything we know and love about Girl Scouts — like troops, camp, patches, cookies, and events.

You can be a Troop Committee Member
Be part of a committee with your troop and help troop leaders give girls the best possible Girl Scout experience. You can choose from a variety of opportunities, such as Troop Cookie Manager, Troop Treasurer, Craft Coordinator, Outdoor Program Manager, and much more.

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Service Unit Leadership

Coordinate area activities as a Service Unit Director
Working with local volunteers and staff, you bring Girl Scouts to girls on a local level. Plan and facilitate monthly Leader Meetings with volunteers, keep troops informed of upcoming activities and programs, build relationships with volunteers, and oversee Service Unit team responsibilities. This is your chance to be a leader in your community.

Manage area cookie sale as a Product Manager
The Girl Scout Cookie Program is about the skills a girl gains from interacting directly with the customer and the experience of running her own cookie business. Working with troops, you will coordinate the annual cookie sale for your area by training Troop Product Managers to ensure their success, overseeing the cookie delivery, collecting necessary paperwork, and distributing awards at the end of the sale.

Be a School Organizer in your area
Working with a school of your choice, you will develop a relationship to promote Girl Scouts, ensuring girls are given the opportunity to join through various recruitment methods.  As new troops are recruited, you will provide ongoing support to troop leaders during their critical first year.

Manage finances as a Treasurer
Working closely with other team volunteers in your area, you will maintain an area bank account, ensuring accurate financial records. As local events are planned, the Treasurer ensures a budget is complete and event expenses do not create a negative impact on the Service Unit bank account.

Manage Girl Scout Membership as a Registrar
Working with data staff, you will provide a local service to parents and Troop Leaders on completion and processing of membership registration forms in a timely, efficient manner. Registrars have a working knowledge of online membership registration and can help troop leaders manage their troops online.

Have fun planning events as an Event Coordinator
Supported by a committee of other volunteers, you will develop, plan, and supervise local events for girls. The Event Coordinator is knowledgeable about current girl interests and what is available within the communities. Upcoming local and council events are shared at monthly Service Unit meetings.

Leader Mentors provide support to new leaders
As a seasoned Girl Scout leader, you can help new leaders got off to a good start their first year by initiating first contact and assisting with troop organization. Leader Mentors support new leaders through regular contact, reviewing predetermined topics.  New leaders are welcomed and introduced to other troop leaders at monthly Leader Meetings.

Recognize volunteer accomplishments as the Recognition Coordinator
Providing training on council Girl Scout awards, the Recognition Coordinator helps determine volunteers deserving awards and finding others to write nominations and letters of endorsement. You will also enjoy finding innovative ways to ensure volunteers get recognized on the local level for their outstanding service.

Community Information Coordinator works with local media
Working with local media representatives, you will provide information on upcoming local events. The Community Information Coordinator may take photographs, post on social media, contact television and radio for promotion of Girl Scout activities.

Support leaders as the Adult Learning Coordinator
Working with the needs of leaders, you will provide regular and ongoing adult learning opportunities and support on the local level. Staff will provide predetermined criteria for each learning opportunity, resulting in volunteers with knowledge and skills needed for their position.

Take the Girl Scout shop on the road as a Mobile Market Coordinator
Working with other local Service Team volunteers, you will determine opportunities to provide a Girl Scout mobile market for troops and parents. The Mobile Market Coordinator works with Girl Scout shop staff to obtain merchandise and sell items of interest, with a high level of accuracy, returning money for purchases and unused merchandise in a timely manner.

Approve volunteer awards as a Recognition Committee Member
You will work with other committee members to ensure adult recognition nominations meet the criteria for each award. As the expert on criteria for adult awards, the committee members make recommendations to the Board of Directors for award submissions.

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Council Leadership

Enjoy working in retail?…you can be a volunteer in our Girl Scout Shops
You can assist our parents and volunteers in our shops as they come in to make Girl Scout purchases. You can also help with restocking shelves, creating displays and conducting inventory.

Enjoy working in an office environment?…you can be a volunteer in our Girl Scout Leadership Centers
You can assist staff with projects, help answer phones or help provide coverage for the Leadership Centers.

Be a Council Committee Member and make a difference
You could be part of a committee making decisions for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. We have a wide variety of committees made up of volunteers and staff that could use a wide range of skills and interests. There are committees with interests such as girl programming, property, adult learning, human resources or communications.

Share your skills as a Staff Assistant
Working with our staff, you could share your skills and help various departments accomplish Girl Scout goals. You can also assist staff with various projects, such as mailings (Burlington office only) or material assembly. List your skills and we will do the matching.

If you ride horses, you can be a Trail Leader
Love horseback riding? You can teach girls about caring for horses and take them on trail rides at beautiful Camp Little Cloud in Dubuque, Iowa. Watch girls grow from riding in an arena to riding with other girls on trails. You will love the experience!

Volunteer your time as a(n) Short-term or Event Volunteer
Girls Scouts thrive when they have a broad range of activities provided for them to choose from.  Many events are planned throughout the year to give girls additional opportunities to participate in the Girl Scout program. Volunteers help in a variety of ways with registration, refreshments, activities, and much more. Sign up for one or be on our list when opportunities arise.

Share your skills as a Program Presenter
Do you have a skill that you could share with a Girl Scout troop, or at an event?  Many troops are looking for role-models to teach girls a leadership skill…from resolving conflicts to dusting for fingerprints at a crime scene, we are looking to work with you!

You can support girls as a Community Partner
Girls Scouts are building future leaders in your community!  Do you own your own business or work in a business that can partner with Girl Scouts? We are looking for community partners to donate funding, goods and/or services to help support and sustain the Girl Scouts.

Corporations support the needs in their community
More and more corporations are seeing the benefits to being involved in their communities. Be a corporate sponsor by volunteering for a project, sharing skills with girls, donating funds, and much more.

Love camps?  We do too ~ help us keep them maintained
We have four lovely camps that need your help with maintenance. There are a variety of things to do, from painting to mowing.  Not sure what you can do? Just ask us. We will find the right thing for you to do.

Volunteers are needed as Trip Advisors
Come and explore with Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. We offer travel opportunities for girls and need your help as an advisor. You will chaperone girls as they travel close to home and even internationally. It is the experience of a lifetime!

Interns get great experiences
Are you a college student looking for a great way to build your resume? We offer a variety of ways students can participate as part of our staff and get a great experience. Don’t miss out on this life changing opportunity.

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